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Increased revenue for your business, added benefit for your tenants

For tenants using long term accommodation solutions, fast, reliable and affordable Wi-Fi often isn't part of the package. Wireless ISP means you can provide the solution. Our high capacity Wi-Fi systems allow you to offer unlimited high speed connections to your residents for a significantly lower price than they would pay to another provider, and gain a stream of additional income.
Partnering with us means we'll implement an extensive Wi-Fi network throughout your property – supported by an easy-to-use central management system – which you can then use to boost your yearly revenue and increase the quality of your residents' tenancy package.

Case Study:Quadrant

Quadrant Hotel Phone

Building Layout

Over 300 hotel rooms and apartments1 restaurant1 bar

Business Model

Hotel rooms: 150Long term tenants: 80

Rest: Owner occupiedWi-Fi Coverage: Entire building

Revenue: 90% x Long Term Tenants (80) x $40 p/m x 12 months – $34,000 p/a

Monthly Cost: Fibre Internet $200 p/m, Network Management $500 p/m x 12 months - $8,400

Profit: ~$25,000 p/aROI: ~2 years

Quadrant Testimonial:

"Our property caters a combination of short term hotel guests, who expect to be able to access free Wi-Fi throughout their stay, and long term tenants who are looking for an affordable network solution. Firestar has given us the infrastructure to provide for both of these types of customer, and add a significant revenue stream to our profits at the same time!

Their service has been faultless – there was always someone on hand to answer questions and resolve problems throughout the installation process, and their team is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly."

Sunny Kaushal
General Manager | +64 21 262 9595

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