Nebulae Wi-Fi Hotspot

For small-medium hospitality businesses

The first fully automated Wi-Fi hotspot. No vouchers. No hassle.

Why our clients love it

Our unique, fully automated Wi-Fi login software prevents the need for manual Wi-Fi voucher printing and distribution, which reduces your running costs and saves time. Nebulae combines this with enterprise quality hardware, resulting in a simple, streamlined solution that is easy for both you and your customers.

How it works

When your customers connect to the Nebulae Wi-Fi Hotspot, they will be logged in automatically via a unique PIN. The duration of the connection will be determined by a time and data limit specified by you. For example, they may be entitled to 1 hour of free Wi-Fi, with a 100MB cap, every 24 hours. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase more data if they exhaust the limit, and you will be the sole receiver of the revenue.

Take the customer service experience to the next level!

Nebulae is ideal for your:


Bed & Breakfast


Bar/ Restaurant

Nebulae offers your business more than the standard Wi-Fi hotspot:

Standard Setup


Standard Setup

- Domestic-grade, limited capacity connection

- Low reliability

- 80mW strength Wi-Fi router


- Enterprise-grade, high capacity connection

- High reliability

- 1000mW strength Wi-Fi router for extended signal coverage

- Maximum signal penetration

- Pre-installed router software e.g. TruePlug and Play

Standard Setup

- One PIN per device

- No live data usage feed


- Unique, specifically designed automation software

- One PIN for multiple devices

- Live data usage updates for customers (minimises complaints)

Standard Setup

- One-dimentional pricing scheme

- No heavy-usage consideration


- Flexible, competitive pricing

- Great rates for bulk buyers

- 7-day customer support

Additional Wi-Fi Purchases [For Users]

After customers have used their free Wi-Fi allocation, they can:

  1. 1. Purchase a Wi-Fi PIN directly from you. You keep 100% of the revenue from these purchases.
  2. 2. Purchase after hours credit online. The revenue from these purchases is split 50/50.

PINs can be ordered in bulk via e-mail:

Select the right router for your business' layout.



WiFi Signal

Cafe example
Signal radius: omnidirectional, spherical
Nebulae Gold is ideal for businesses looking for Wi-Fi coverage that extends up to medium distances with a spherical spread. Suited for small homes, cafes, bars and restaurants.



WiFi Signal

Motel example
Signal radius: conical, long distance
Nebulae Platinum is perfect for businesses that need a high-powered Wi-Fi solution. The Platinum package has directional antenna that extend Wi-Fi coverage over much longer distances, with more effective penetration. Best suited for motels and hotels.

Note: the graphics above are designed to explain the differences between the routers. They do not describe a realistic scenario.